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Facebook Marketing Ideas

Social Media Marketing Ideas to Boost Feed
Facebook Marketing Ideas

Facebook Marketing Ideas

1. Try Doing Videos on Facebook Live

80% of customers prefer watching live videos from brands over reading blogs. Use Facebook Live to promote participation and create a sense of community among your audience. Not to mention that using Facebook Live to promote your business page is a very affordable option.

2. Post “Tag a Friend” Content

To promote interactions on your posts and give your followers a chance to interact in the comment box, encourage friend tagging. Just make sure your viewers can understand whatever you’re saying.

3. Use Emojis

Emojis can boost shares and interactions on Facebook by 33% and 57%, respectively. Additionally, it elevates your brand and gives your content more context.

4. Create Facebook Reels

Facebook Reels, like Instagram Reels, let you share short clips to showcase the character of your brand. Utilize short videos to reach new audiences and spread your message.


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