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5 web design ideas to keep your readers interested

5 web design ideas to keep your readers interested

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1. Style from the turn of the century

The year 2000 was brought about by remembrance. (Ah, the excellent old days of worrying that no computers would work—boy, were we wrong.) Anti-design style was frequent as one century gave way to another. This maximalist creative is making a comeback, with pages congested with words and a fusion of fonts. It fights back against the minimalist style trend that has taken over in 2022.

2. Greater Depth

In the past, visiting the store was the only way to get a sense of how the item appeared. More businesses are figuring out ways to make it easy for you to make purchases without ever setting foot inside a store. With 3D animations and AI, product reveals are more dynamic than ever. With AI, you can see how anything will seem in your home, while both provide customers an overview of what something looks like. Using 3D animation to engage your audience is affordable.

3. How do we scroll

There’s always a need to inject some life into the monotonous scrolling. Websites use inventive ways to present themselves to you and present more engaging visuals. When you use dynamic scrolling features like parallax zoom and 3D images, your site becomes more immersive and offers a wonderful user experience that your visitors will love.

4. Public performance

Faster load times are still essential for raising your page’s ranking in search engine results, despite the fact that Google’s Core Web Vitals and Helpful Trend Report may have modified how we develop content on our site. The only factor that will distinguish you from your rival if both of you are succeeding in creating content and designs that are user-focused is load speed. Experience is king once you’re on the website! Enhance the layout to make it easier for visitors to traverse your page. Engage visitors with features like mouse-over animations that alert them to further information by animating an object. Also, keep in mind the FAQs. Respond to the queries that users are looking for but that no one else is addressing.

5. Accessibility

Companies may have needed actual laws to enforce accessible requirements, but they are now realizing the benefits of diversity. Making an effort to reach the disadvantaged masses makes sense when 15% of the world’s population—or about a billion for those who are practicing their math skills—lives with some form of handicap. Unfortunately, up until now, these potential customers have frequently been disregarded. Whether motivated by benevolence or the profit line, businesses are increasing the accessibility of their digital products and reaping the rewards. By founding an accessibility team in 2011, currently known as Meta Accessibility, which includes tools like real-time subtitles and keyboard shortcuts, Facebook set the bar for other social media platforms.

Microsoft is utilizing AI for accessibility, and Google is releasing an app called Lookout that will aid the visually handicapped in navigating their surroundings. A more accessible website can be created without having access to artificial intelligence. You can begin by performing easy tasks like editing your content, reassessing your colour scheme, and adding captions. The guidelines for ADA compliance are provided by Siteimprove, together with advice on how to make your website user-friendly for everyone. Your target audience comes first.

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